Organise a cookie sale with Jules!

Want to earn some extra money?

Jules Destrooper is happy to help you by offering a high-quality assortment of handy ready-made packages of delicious cookies!

Now say for yourself, who doesn't love a delicious sweet moment?

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How does the ordering process work?

Step 1: Place your order online or by mail

Choose how many ready-made packages you want to order for your cookie sale and then choose a delivery date. Confirm your order so we can get started. We deliver your Jules Destrooper cookies within 3 working days (max. 18 working days) if there is enough stock. By the way, did you know that we offer free delivery for orders over 250 euros? That's about 80 packages.

Step 2: We start working on it immediately

We confirm your order and delivery date and prepare our fresh cookies for delivery to an address of your choice. You will receive the invoice automatically via email, after delivery.

Step 3: Start selling!

Upon receiving your order, you don't have any work to put everything in bags. We provide ready-made packages. If you would like to put several packages in one bag, you may certainly mention this with your order and we will be happy to supply free Jules Destrooper bags along with it.

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Why is Jules Destrooper the ideal partner for your association?

With Jules Destrooper you really make a difference!

We are known worldwide by young and old alike for our authenticity and quality.

With the ready-made Jules Destrooper cookie packets you'll be doing everyone a favour!

Organizing a Jules Destrooper cookie sale is a quick and tasty way to make money. We are happy to give you recommended selling prices, but still you decide the selling price and thus your profit.

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Make a quote or order online, it's possible!

  • Varied and exclusive assortment for associations (ready-made packs);
  • Special association rates;
  • Request an online quote/order;
  • Customer portal with an overview of all previous quotes and orders.
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Conditions of personalised Jules Destrooper boxes

Jules Destrooper offers its customers the opportunity to personalise 3 types of boxes in its webshop with a message of their choice in the logo. The products that can be personalised are the Butter Crisps 100 g, Butter Waffles 100 g and Almond Thins 100 g. The customer indicates on the product page of one of these 3 products which message he/she wants to see printed on the packaging. Through our preview mode, the customer can immediately visualise and double-check his/her personalised variant. Changes can be made via the shopping cart. Jules Destrooper cannot be held liable for any errors in the spelling of the message passed on by the customer. The personalised message is limited to 24 characters. Special characters and emojis are not allowed. Before the personalised box is printed, it is checked by a Jules Destrooper employee, who determines whether the message may be printed in this way. If Jules Destrooper determines that the message cannot be printed, Jules Destrooper will contact the customer and ask him to deliver a new message. As long as the customer has not provided feedback, the order will not be processed. Jules Destrooper reserves the right to refuse a message:

Furthermore, the customer accepts that the delivery of an order including a personalised box may take 3 to 5 working days (for deliveries in Belgium – for other countries it might take a few extra days), after approval of the message that needs to be printed on the personalised box. The other products from the customer's order (= the products that cannot be personalised) will therefore be delivered at the same time, since there is only one delivery.